Farmhouse on Nubba

Throughout my life I have had a million ideas I’ve wanted to attempt, whether they were hobbies or business ideas or just passing fancies. I even have a (ridiculously long) list of “Things I’d like to do in my Lifetime”. However, I’ve not been terribly great at the follow through part. I’ve always been a list maker, project starter and an award winning procrastinator! haha

So at the ripe age of 30, newly married and expecting our first baby, I finally found the motivation to follow through. And I have to admit, there is nothing quite like ticking something off your ‘To Do’ list (especially when it’s been on there for 10 years). This year I finally followed through on opening a farm shop. My husband and I had been running my parents farm for a few years already and I was selling some of our products on a small scale – meat, spun wool, eggs and some of my handmade items. But I had always wanted to have a homewares/gift shop and a bakery or restaurant on farm. This is technically still a dream, however, I have been lucky enough to open a small shop in our neighbouring town hoping to get a start selling my homewares and farm products with the aim to open a shop and bakery on farm at Nubba.

As uncertain as I felt actually tackling a ‘to do’ on my “Things I’d like to do in my Lifetime” list, it was such an amazing thing to do. I have had so much fun picking things to stock and have aimed for small Australian businesses and handmade items. There is just something special about buying things that are not mass produced and are made thoughtfully and lovingly. I have, of course, stocked a few of my own items and I hope to grow what I and the farm produce over the next few years.

We would so love you to follow along as we grow our little business and farm.

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